Monday, February 24, 2014

Littlest (week 31)

Littlest, we had a party for you on the weekend. 
Not a baby shower, because hey, we have all the baby stuff we could possibly need, and party games aren't my thing, but just a 'hey, you're on the way and isn't it wonderful.' We combined it with my birthday party and  had a picnic in a park in the city and it was such a lovely afternoon. The weather decided to settle on perfection - being neither too hot or too cold but just right, the light was gold and dappled and all the kids played brilliantly. We had it near the Dolphin Fountain and, somewhat to my amazement no kids fell in, although Sprocket got his backside wet and threw his shoes in, but those are very minor things! 
You will be pleased to hear that you behaved beautifully, kicking just enough to let me know you were all right, but not enough to cause distress. 
I wore my 'back-up wedding dress', the one I got all those years ago in case at the last minute I outgrew the one that was mum and grannie's. I figured I'd never get another chance to wear a maternity party dress - although I'm considering wearing it as a nighty now, as it feels so comfortable and silky and it's such a waste to have it just sitting in a drawer. It seems strange to think that I'm at the same stage of pregnancy now (maybe a little under) as I was with Sprocket at my wedding! I definitely prefer the photos from this weekend - I let myself be talked into a make-up artist for the wedding, and the results were… scary. I distinctly remember looking in the mirror before we left the house and thinking I should just wash all the gunk off, but in the end I left it on and I've regretted it ever since! 
After the party we left your nana and grandpa's and returned home to our smoke-ridden town so your brother wouldn't miss any more school. Unfortunately, he was sick that night so couldn't go to school anyway. Both he and your sister came to my midwife's appointment the next day (they made a strong case that if your brother was home from school your sister should be too, to keep him company. I should never have let them persuade me…) and were very curious about what was happening. They loved hearing your heart and were interested to see the midwife check my blood pressure the same as Daddy does. We've moved on from the umbilical cord and are now talking about the amniotic fluid you swim in. Your brother wants to take you to the swimming pool to see how well you swim after all your time floating inside me. On the way in to school today we talked about all the things you will, and won't be able to do when you arrive. You will be able to feed and sleep and cry, hold their fingers and kick, you won't be able to talk or sit or walk for awhile. 
You, my littlest one, are presently still head down and your heart is doing just what it ought. 
I talked to the midwife about what to do about all the smoke surrounding us, but I still don't know if we should just pack up and move in with mum and dad until the fire's put out, or try to work around it. 
The air has seemed okay this morning - but Sunday night the stench of it woke me and it felt hard to draw breath… and when I did… it was acrid and smothering. 
I do hope it's not hurting you… the kids and I are going to pick up some of the air masks the council are giving out today. Not something I ever imagined having to do. O Little one, I do worry for you. We really haven't had any symptoms - apart from that one night - but checking the air quality every hour, so often it is deeply, deeply worrying. 
A big gust of wind has just blown up and I can see the ashes fly by, but at least there are still patches of blue. Thunderstorms are due tonight, and I'm looking forward to them washing everything clean. 
Grow well, Little one, not much longer now. 

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  1. So sorry to read that the fire is still bothering your town. I hope everything turns out fine. The party sounds good, I love the dress :)

    1. Thank you - the fires are still going - but at least we're in Melbourne now with clean air! It was a lovely afternoon!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love this last part of pregnancy when it seems sooo close till the baby comes!