Monday, May 2, 2022

Return - in Gold


After Easter we return from my home state. 

Our visit wasn't nearly long enough and it will be far too long until I can go home again. 

But the evening light here is the most incredible gold, and there is so much space. 

Light Fractured Water


The world within the rock pools is constantly changing: changing tides, changing light, different small and large creatures come and go depending on the moon-pulled waters. 

Different variations of shells, stones, debris, line the floor of pools. The sandstone itself is constantly changing, the amounts of sand. 

There is no constancy, only the sea and the tide. 



My oldest daughter - not yet a teenager and already she looks so much like a woman. She's too little to look so grown up - I remember my teens, I think on all the things I read about the teen world today and I want to beg her to wait, stay small, stay protected. The world is so big and so unkind, but I know there's no point, and instead I'm just proud that she is so much herself, that she is independent and assertive, determined and fiercely loyal. 
And yes, still some times she looks like the little one she really is.