Sunday, July 22, 2018

My Wolf Cub

With the sunset we head to the beach and the jetty - with the assurance that fish cluster around structures. Mhhm. Still waiting. The evening light however - that I am happy to catch.
The kids' nana has recently returned from Europe bearing the most fitting headgear for my little wild tribe - wolf hats.

Even before getting out of bed this morning my youngest cub had bit me, clocked me with a lego structure and firmly pushed her older sister away - and nearly off the bed. I have a suspicion that in the wild wolf cubs are more peaceable and less inclined to maim their pack members - but my assumptions are based upon The Jungle Books and Mowgli's many bite and scratch marks. (On which subject, yes, those marks on my face are scratch marks from my youngest cub.)

 And she looks so innocent...

She sees her kryptonite - a pelican. I am glad she has one weakness or I would be quite worried.

She-Pack - wolf-sisters.

A moment...

 The older pack - with squid as bait.

My intrepid one.