Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Spider Face Envy


So for awhile now I've suffered from spider-face-envy. 
It's not something I knew existed before I succumbed. 
To be clear, I don't envy spiders their faces, (cute as they are) I envy people who can take photos of spiders' faces with all eight eyes in focus. 
I'm having some problems - mainly because I like to take photos in the half light, and that level of macro-photography requires full light and then some. 
However, I really do think I'm getting closer. 
This was a gorgeous little spider (and I believe her egg sac) along the path at Rainbow Beach. Isn't she gorgeous? Look at her sweet expression, her lovely patterning. Her slight down. 
(I may be a little obsessed)
Although as a photo the colours are washed out and not what I want, I feel I'm one step closer to my ultimate aim - the perfectly in-focus spider face, with all eight eyes clear and alert. 

Storm Girl

My youngest turns five soon, next year she starts school. This era of childhood, of my children at home is nearly over and my heart breaks a little bit. 

My little dinosaur with her wild imagination, her fierceness, her affection and wonder. 

It feels a little bit as if I'm about to unleash a storm. 



As a child my brothers and I loved to play with the blobs of jellyfish washed up on the shore, throwing them, putting them down each others tops, hiding them in each others beds. 

Now, it's the way they eat the light that I play with. If I were to film a sci-fi film, I'd use these to film the alien spacecraft they look so otherworldly and oddly beautiful.