Friday, July 23, 2021



There is something so satisfying about the lone, heavy drop of water, shortly before it finally plummets. And there is such beauty in the hope and life and reflections it holds. 


Full of wonder, grace, dreams and joy - always my fairytale-girl. 



My daughter picked me a thistle-flower, knowing that I love them, but was then concerned when she noticed a small spider hidden within it. She was more perplexed when I was more grateful and excited about the spider - a type of flower spider I believe. 

I have been anxiously awaiting spotting one of these for a few months now, and I am quite taken with the translucent quality of it's legs and the decorative patterns of it's abdomen, as well as the fetching green of it's head. 

My generous girl held the stem while I took photos - having difficulty with the focusing as my dogs were interested in pulling me in different directions and curious about what I was curious about, I would have liked to use manual focus, but it's impossible one handed with ill-behaved dogs. 

I am still very glad to have seen this little wonder. Once I had finished taking photos, we placed the flower back in it's plant until the spider thankfully departed, whereupon we picked the bloom up again and continued on our way. 




We spied a lone blossom at the top of the steep side of the creek bed and my story-girl decided to quest to see it, and climbed through the overgrown grass and scrub. 

The journey was more exciting than the find - but it is always good to have a quest and climb to the peak of the crest. 

First Blossom

The world is awash with images of blossom - however, where I live, blossom, at least stone fruit blossom, are fairly rare. The winters are cold enough for stone fruits, but the summers are fierce, and lacking in water. 

When I spied the first blossom of the year, hiding beside a creek bed, miraculously with some water in it, at least for the moment, my heart leapt. And then I was homesick for the rich, blossom-laden air of Spring in the leafy, green, southern suburb I grew up in. 

But there are blossoms here now, and their very rarity makes them more precious. 


Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Wild Magic


Caught Rain


Along the way


Over the school holidays my son got stuck in lockdown at my in-laws a few hours from us. At lockdowns close we hurried to pick him up, in case another lockdown was announced. This was the sky on the way. I began by taking photos from within the car (not to self - clean car windows) but in the end we pulled over and I scurried about a way-road beside the highway. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Ordinary Magic

An early morning walk - the dogs pulling and lunging, and the chores of the day waiting at home. 

A soul-gift.