Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Rain Morning


Staying by shore, the rain woke me in the early morning, and once it stopped I took the dogs through the winding path to the shore. The trees here astound me - so deeply green, and yet they grow in sand. 

Storm Shore & Ocean Hounds


We had a beautiful few days escape at the beach this last weekend, with much anticipated relatives briefly visiting from the UK. It was wonderful seeing my cousin, who I haven't seen since she was in her teens and I was just beginning my 30s. She's now the most gorgeous young twenties traveling with her equally delightful partner and it was so lovely catching up. 

And it was wonderful staying by the sea in my most favourite pocket of Queensland ocean. 

My dogs - the best behaved of my children - also loved it. We've been beset with one illness after another for what seems like forever, so this is the first time they've had a run in far too long. They really deserve far better owners!