Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Princess Thistle


My children have a beautiful picture book called Princess Thistle, which tells a fairy-tale like story of a king and queen who long for a child. A thistle in their garden takes pity on them, and transforms herself into a baby, until they lock the gates of the castle and imprison her - albeit for her own good, to keep her safe. 

While all parents are biased about their children, my Hufflepuff often reminds me of a character from a fairytale.  Sweet-natured, kind, imaginative, enthusiastic, graceful. I am deeply, deeply grateful that she is mine. 

On one of our evening walks recently there were thistles in bloom amongst the roadside weeds and my mer-girl became entranced. The spikes perplexed her, but she persevered, exclaiming over the softness of the flower, the scent of the flower. As she traversed the road examining her hard-won find (we returned with scissors the next day to gather more) I photographed her, and thought that if I ever wanted a model for a fairytale princess, she would be the clear pick. 

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Happy New Year!


My wild ones are insisting that they're werewolves, sirens and t-rexes, and to be honest, that seems about right. When we're walking they pause every so often to howl. And I'm not talking about the dogs, who seem quite sedate in comparison. 

These photos were taken before Christmas, when our puppy, Lumi, as a little younger and we were just beginning to walk her on the nearly-always-empty-road near us. We've never seen another person - let alone dog - walking on it, so we (hope) that it is safe enough for her until she finishes her vaccinations. She tries to eat millipedes and studies overhead birds. She tires quickly, and we end up carrying her, appreciating the quiet, because I'm sure by the end of this year she'll be demanding two hours of walking a day. 

The light was golden, the breeze was mellow, and I am hoping the coming year will be as gentle.