Wednesday, January 12, 2022

After the Flood


Queen of the Bats

My youngest daughter tells me that during the day she is the Queen of the Axelotls and during the night she's the Queen of the Fruit bats. She also has ten fruit bat babies she needs to look after. 
Her older sister, Queen of the Werewolves and the Mermaids, often threatens to eat her subjects, but she's steadfast in defending them. 

One night recently, without warning, just on dusk, bats suddenly started flying overhead. Many of them swooped quite low to us. More and then yet more. 

It has been a year since we saw them flying and the thrill of it was just as strong. 

At one stage the darkening sky seemed full of them, although they were too speedy and the light was too dark for my camera to capture them. 


Christmas Gift

The small drops of water that catch the light are by far my favourite Christmas decoration. Christmas Eve is hot and muggy, insufferable - and my husband has to work into the evening - and then the rain comes and with it blessed cool relief. 

And the world is good again. 



After so many many long months of dryness each raindrop is a blessing. The air diffuse with moisture, we walked in the evening light and raindrops hung more precious than jewels. Catching the light, they hold all the promise of life and growing.