Friday, May 6, 2016

sunset by sea

I'm starting to take photos again after a long pause, recording the moments, enjoying the play of light, enjoying being outside with the little ones, watching them interact with the world around. The little ones found soldier crabs, saw baby sting rays in a tidal river and studied the way wet sand falls when you throw it.
We've all needed the time outside, feeling the sand and sea. 

My baby cousin has been staying, nine years younger than me, and it's sent me down memory lane, remembering when my cousin was first born, and when she took her first tottery steps down at our coastal house. She was the most crazily cute toddler I think I've ever seen and it's been so lovely seeing her now besotted with my own Giggle-Bear, playing with her in the same way I used to play with her when she was little.