Friday, May 13, 2011

Baby Brain vs. Nursing Noggin

My Beloved told me that a large study found that there is no such thing as baby brain. Huh. 
Based on a qualitative study (me) I'm here to say that's nonsense. 
I can almost pin-point the precise instance my brain started (sadly true, only started,) wistfully looking up to the light of Clear Headed Thinking to return after each baby. 
However I am willing to say that maybe it's not 'baby brain' per se - maybe it is linked to having the life milk sucked out of me by little milkers. I can almost feel the squishy stuff in my brain being converted into milk as they latch on and suck.
Experiment one: Feeding toddler. Trying to think. Fuzz. Fuzz. Fuzz. I know there's a thought in there somewhere. But my brain just can't hold onto it. Fuzz. Fuzz. Fuzz. 
Experiment two: Feeding baby. Someone talks to me. "Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah." Aw... isn't she adorable. "Blah Blah Blah." 
Um. What did you say? 
Seeing that a vast amount of my day is spent with the Poppet or the Sprocket latched on, a lot of my time is spent in the land of fuzz fuzz fuzz blah blah blah. (Aw, isn't baby adorable) 
Up until now I  haven't really minded living in the land of Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz Blah Blah Blah (aw... isn't she adorable) but I am beginning to long for the country of coherent thoughts, ideas and verve. 
If anyone knows where I can buy a ticket to the land of coherent thought I would be very, very grateful. 
Oh mind of mine, I miss you. I can hardly remember you, but what I do remember I think of fondly. 
Uh oh. Hungry baby. Fuzz fuzz fuzz...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Who's your favourite Princess?

Still a republican.
But sigh.  
I did enjoy the royal wedding. 
Catherine and William seemed so happy and the service was so elegant and graceful. Loved the music, loved the trees in Westminster. And now the fact that they've hied themselves away to a cottage by the sea?  
It's almost like a fairy story. 
Which of course has me thinking of my favourite Princesses. To be honest, most real ones just do not make the cut. Inbred and snooty and just too too dull. 
Which leaves the made up ones to consider. 
At present I'm plumping for Princess Amy of M.M Kaye's The Ordinary Princess as my favourite. Princess Amy (Real name Amethyst Augusta etc etc etc etc) is blessed with Ordinariness by a contrary fairy at her birth, and on reaching her majority runs away to the forest to prevent her courtiers schemes of hiring in a dragon to find her a Prince. Sweet and funny The Ordinary Princess is aimed at maybe 7 years and over. M.M Kaye also created Anjuli in The Far Pavillions which is a 800 odd page historical novel set in India in the time of the Raj. Romantic, fascinating, tragic - for historical novels M.M Kaye is definitely a favourite. 

So top ten Princesses...

1 Princess Amy  The Ordinary Princess   M.M Kaye
2 Anjuli   The Far Pavilions        M.M Kaye
3 Princess Ce'Nedra   The Belgariad                        
David Eddings (I am Very grateful to Ce'Nedra for enlightening my husband to the fact that perfect woman are supposed to be bossy, vain, stubborn and Always Right!) 
4 Princess Lea   Star Wars      George Lucas
5 Aerrin   The Hero and the Crown     Robin McKinley (She kills the dragon, battles the evil sorcerer, brilliant!) 
6 Sarah  The Little Princess   Frances Hodgson Burnett (Not technically a princess, but really should be!) 
7 The Long Nosed Princess  The Book of Princesses   Can't Remember the Author
8 Ella   Ella Enchanted    Gail Carson Levine
9 The Apple Pip Princess     The Apple Pip Princess   Doherty and Jane Ray (Mainly for the illustrations which are stunning) 
10 Princess William Arthur etc   (Hey - they went away to live in a cottage by the sea...) 

And still there are sooo many more that should get into the list... I'm sure I've forgotten some. 

So which ones are your favourites? 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Princess Poppet

Princess Poppet, you're 9 months old today, which means that you've now been on the outside as long as you were cooking on the inside. 
You seem to enjoy it. 
You have many grins and many giggles, cheeky, adoring, sweet, reflective, amazed and awed.
You love crawling and pulling yourself up to standing. If we hold your hands you take little tottering steps. You think blowing raspberries is the cleverest thing in the world. Clapping is good, but blowing raspberries is way better. You think your big brother is amazing. You have learnt to be a little wary, but in general you believe he is very entertaining. The two of you sit blowing raspberries at each other or clapping or just giggling. You've had to become a tough little Poppet though, as he has a habit of rolling on top of you or giving you a push when you're sitting up. 
You love you bath and having your neck tickled. Many things make you giggle and smile. We have to stop you from pulling the puppies tail. Also from eating everything. You love apples and cinnamon, pumpkin, porridge (with apples from our tree and cinnamon in it!) You have just started eating pasta and slurp up fettucine.
World events recently? The royal wedding of the century - Princess William and Catherine Middleton - very elegant and they seemed very happy - and the death of Osama Bin Laden. 
You love books with mirrors and things that you can touch. You hate wearing hats. You pull them off with scorn, despite how adorable they look. 
Right now you are lying in my lap feeding, while the laptop rests on my knees. You're little eyes are nearly closed, your breathing is deep. 
You are so much yourself now, my little Poppet, and yet so much still the tiny little baby who slept and fed and fed and slept who came into the world nine moons ago.