Sunday, January 26, 2014


- Away from the deep water, Poppet. Sprocket hauls his sister from the waters edge.
-Baby bump, week 26. Hard to believe there's three months to go!
-"I'm going to catch a mer-boy in my net!" Poppet chasing Sprocket.
-Poppet with her fishing rod. She rarely holds it for more than five minutes, but she likes the idea of it. A bit like me, really.
-Sprocket, about to plunge in with his net. He's happy to chase fish with his net for hours.
-Paperbark on the track back.
-Poppet, walking along the track.
-Our scorched back garden lawn, with fallen, cooked apples. I need to gather up the not-so-cooked windfall and make a crumble.
-Apples still on the tree.

We're taking things very slowly in the lead up to school and uni starting back. Sleep times and wake-up times are flexible. Pyjamas are staying on a very long time. Everything changes next week, but this week is the time for lazing.

Joining with the lovely Em of The Beetle Shack for sun-faded moments from our week. 


  1. I'm dreading back to school this week, and the bun rush that goes with it. But I've really loved all your beach shots over the last few weeks!

  2. I'm so scared of the school run. Terror has been building all holidays and now…kindy was bad enough, and at least it didn't really matter if you were late… Hopefully it won't be as bad as I imagine! So glad you like the pics!

  3. Kirsty, nice to see a baby bump photo of you at the beach on what looks like a very windy day. The apples look great and I would have to say aside from Pavlova, Apple Crumble would be one of my favourite desserts. Get cooking!!! Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia