Monday, January 20, 2014

Littlest (week 26)

Week 26 - Bribie Island. Dress thanks to a raid on Mum's closet. Maternity bathers thanks to Granny.

You are really getting quite big, Littlest. Your kicks and punches are much stronger now and I look back on the days when I went 'is that something? is that? is it wind?' and smile. You are now most definitely exploring the limits. I imagine your tiny little feet and hands as you throw yourself against your boundaries (generally in the middle of the night), and melt.
Littlest, it seems so soon till you come. It's beginning to seem so much more real. We're two thirds of the way through now, Littlest, the bulk of your growing is done, and now you're just getting the finishing touches and plumping up.
Your eyes are opening, fluttering, now, littlest. You have tiny eyelashes, and blink at light. I'm not entirely sure what you see in there, but maybe you're just experimenting with the new thing you can do.
I've spent the last few days turning the house upside down, getting rid of all the excess - the books we have double ups or aren't passionately in love with, the clothes that we've out grown, the broken toys and the unloved toys. Presently, it looks like a pack of demented monkeys has run through it, but I'm hoping that in a few hours when I actually bag up all the piles it will all come together.
Your Daddy said it would be crazy to start searching ebay for your cradle until we actually have room for it - and I had to agree. So I've lugged this here and that there, culled two boxes of books and three big bags of clothes… and voila. Room for you. Now to find the perfect little first bed for you…
Ah. Yes.
Nesting seems to have kicked in with a vengeance. And I've tried to be good, but there's an ever increasing pile of little clothes waiting for you.
Baby brain is still lingering. I'm missing trains and double booking days and had to seriously sit down with the calendar to make sure we don't miss anything important. With school and work and uni all starting in the next couple of weeks there's a lot to remember, not to mention dentists, hearing tests, training days, birthday parties, ooosh… so much to juggle!
Oddly, some parts of my brain seem to function just fine. I've become addicted to online scrabble and recently got one of my highest ever scores. With your brother it was sudoku I was addicted to, which has the advantage that you don't need anyone to play against… but scrabble… o the satisfaction of all tiles out on a double word score. (I think I'm even dreaming of scrabble… all tiles out on a triple word score… mm-hmmm…)
Your Daddy and I went swimming this week, just the two of us in the surf at the back of Bribie, and the light was so soft, so clear and the world was such gentle shades of blues and whites. It's been so long since we played in the water - diving under waves just after they break, feeling the water buck overhead, letting the cresting waves carry us up, flipping over the rising green. I always forget how much I love it. How there's nothing like it. I wonder if you could tell the difference, if the world seemed different to you, if you could sense the sea around?


  1. So beautiful, gorgeous photos & words written with love. Love your dress too.

  2. Thank you! Mum got down a big bag of clothes from the attic (including all her maternity stuff from the '70s) and I loved unearthing the dress!