Friday, January 3, 2014

Littlest (Week 23)

Littlest, I had meant to be so good, so organised.
To have a complete week by week memory box of your growing within. I even looked speculatively at the a-photo-a-day-videoclips wherein the whole nine months flashes by in a few seconds and you can see the baby growing.
I am afraid, my Littlest one, that that might be a firstborn thing.
I assure you there are advantages to being the third born. For a start you will be welcomed into the world by a brother and sister who love you very much and are desperate to play with you.
Every day we talk about how big you are and what you're doing. We've had many discussions about umbilical cords and belly buttons, how you eat and how long until you come out. And how long after that until you'll do anything but eat, sleep and cry! Your sister assures everyone that 'our baby won't cry. Our baby will be adorable!" I hate to disillusion her. Every day your sister gives my belly a kiss and tells you that she loves you. Your brother eyes my belly with tender approval and runs his hands over it, saying hello.
Your sister thinks it's hilarious to point to different parts of me, my knee, my chin, my chest, and say "Littlest, here?" I can't wait until they can feel you kicking.
We have a name for you now, little one. We think we're fairly decided on it. Although it could change. Baby Brain is wreaking havoc with my thought processes. We saw a baby seal down at the beach recently and I found myself thinking 'Seal'? That could work. Ocean creature, sleek and fluid and free.
I bit into an apricot, straight from the tree, and the delicious sweetness had me going 'Apricot' Hmm. Could it be shortened to 'Appy?'
Your Daddy humours me by saying nothing. Just lifting an eyebrow and going "A-ha."
I am feeling big now. Waddling stiffly. I seem to list as if I'm seaborne, rolling my weight from one side to the other. Getting out of bed or a deep chair is a process. You tend to wake shortly after midnight and kick and summersault for a few hours. Leaving me awake, but not really awake enough to do anything productive. I think this was why pinterest was invented.
I am also ravenous. Another mince pie? Don't mind if I do. Yes, actually, I will have seconds. You don't want that? Let me just finish that for you. It's not quite the Great Starvation that comes with breastfeeding, but it's close. And every so often my craving for steak is over whelming…
Apart from the sleeplessness, the annoying niggles, the increasing inability to pick stuff up from the ground, and the ever increasing desire for naps, I'm feeling wonderful. Feeling you moving is a never ending thrill. The knowledge that in seventeen weeks (give or take) we'll get to meet you, is wondrous.
Hello, Littlest, we're so excited that soon(isn!) you'll be here.

Littlest, here you are at twenty-three weeks. Getting photos with you in them is hard! Don't worry, I'll make up for it when you're born. 


  1. It's lovely to be wanted! Max van Manen wrote a lovely piece once on the waysvparenting starts before the baby is born, eg when we prepare a place in our imagination, as you do so beautifully here. Jean

  2. I'll have to look for the article. It is such a very special time and we so love talking about our newest family member!