Saturday, January 4, 2014


-My Poppet. Heading into the New Year. Or rather making a rapid exit from the beach as we race to the toilets during our beach ramble on New Years Eve. I am loving having two toilet trained kids.  I think only parents who have been there can truly understand the wonder of this. Of course, in another three months I'll be back to changing nappies, but pah - little baby nappies, and only for one kid? That's nothing!
- My Sprocket. About to dig into fish & chips at Port Melbourne. We met the cruise ship when my Beloved's folk were in Melbourne for a day and had a glorious time along the shore. Sprocket is displaying a new toy from a little vending machine. Haircuts are on the agenda for both kids! 

It's such a lovely feeling starting a new year, fresh and new and full of promise, rested from time by the shore and lazy. We are all revelling in lazy starts with no rush to be anywhere or do anything, and going on lots of adventures.

I love being able to look back on a whole year of portraits and am really looking forward to participating again this year and then looking back next New Year and seeing all the changes through the year. Looking at the first portraits from last year, my little ones look ridiculously little!  And I know I'll cry again next year when I see how small they look now! This year I want to really concentrate on capturing the funny things they say and do and what they're up to.

Tonight Poppet has been planning her wedding. She's purloined a loose white shirt of mine as her 'wedding dress', instructed me that I'm to make a bouquet of beautiful flowers and her Nana that she's to make the cake, and decided to marry the little girl she met in the op-shop today. Unfortunately, she didn't ask the little girl's name while they were playing, but this appears to be a minor point.

Sprocket. He is badly missing his Daddy, who is up in Queensland. We'll join his Daddy in a couple of days, but in the meantime Sprocket's needing lots of hugs and long Skype sessions.  He is completely melting my heart (and flattering my ego!) by telling me at least once a day that "You're beautiful, mummy. I think you're gorgeous." His Daddy has trained him well!

Joining Jodi, and all the other wonderful bloggers taking part, in the 52 Project for this year. A photo of my little ones once a week, every week, in 2014.


  1. Love the photo of your Poppet, she looks so wild and windswept!

  2. So much character and life in these photos! Enjoy your time when you all join up with your husband.

  3. Great shots Kirsty! They are so adorable!