Friday, January 10, 2014

Littlest (week 24)

Twenty four weeks now, Littlest.
You're about 21 centimetres long and just over half a kilo in weight. I find I'm looking at bags of flour and sugar and thinking 'Littlest is half as light/heavy as this!' You're still very skinny, but your brain, lungs and taste buds are all developing.
Your brother and sister ask every day how big you are, so I like to be able to say 'this big' and show them with my hands. We're going to have to look for a video for them to watch, although I've shown them pictures of babies 'on the inside'. They love talking about when they were the ones growing inside. Poppet has been telling everyone we meet, including random strangers, all about you.
You've been on your first plane ride, Littlest. The first of many, I hope and suspect. You were very good. Which is more than I can say for your tired, cranky, siblings! Okay, or your tired, cranky, mummy.
Baby-Brain has well and truly hit. (I don't care what the studies say. It's real.) As well as losing car-keys, forgetting to sunscreen my neck (I have a browny-red and peeling 'collar' now, which has been used as a deterrent to your brother and sister on going into the sun without sunscreen, hats and shirts) I also misread 'pm' for 'am' on our plane tickets.
But you are now in Queensland, Littlest. Warm humidity and intense green surrounds and very soon we will both be wallowing in the Pacific. You for the first time.
You remain a night owl. Every night I wait for your kicks and punches and every night they get stronger and closer together. I imagine what you're doing when I feel the double movements and then more in sharp succession. Is it just a series of kicks? A summersault? At any rate you're very active.
My first leg cramp of this pregnancy was last night.
I can't say I'm delighted.
I'd forgotten quite how horribly painful they are.
I am starting to make noises like 'Aoaoaoaooo," when I hoist myself up from sitting, my centre of gravity has completely changed, or possibly just got up and left.
At least lots of other pregnancy niggles are easing up and my main concern is how hungry I am all the time. I've been reading about how what I eat now influences your future food preferences so I'm trying to stick to lots of healthy things… a bag of cherries disappears in a blink of the eye, but I do find that if something rich and sweet is in front of me (say Christmas pudding or mince pies, and everyone seems to have leftovers!) they're too much to resist.
Anyway, littlest, you're six months old now. Only four to go until we meet you on the outside!
Grow well little one, grow strong.  

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