Monday, July 29, 2013

Planes and Trains and Automobiles, O My!

The thought of going to an airport, even when I'm not getting on the plane, makes me slightly heady.
I love the idea of all the different 'big' stories colliding. I love thinking about families meeting up after long separations, backpackers setting off on life-changing journeys, lovers reuniting.
I'd like to say it's because my Beloved and I met for the first time in an airport, but truthfully, I loved airports long before that rather inauspicious meeting!
My Beloved and I caught the plane up to Sydney last week, and it lived up to all expectations. As we caught the ferry across the bay in the early morning I found myself nudging my Beloved and saying, "You know, for a place that isn't Melbourne, Sydney's not half bad, eh?"
And there's something about the vast space of the bay, the houses all tumbling down to the sea, the clear light, that is little short of intoxicating. Fuelling my love of travel we also caught trains (be still my heart!) and a bus! We even passed a Central Station, although not NYC central station, it held reflected glory!

I was a little infatuated by the ferries. I have always thought the Melbourne trams particularly appealing, but ah, ferries! And look, look, moi, with the opera house! I always feel a bit odd posting photos with me in them, so please look beyond at the iconic!

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