Monday, July 8, 2013

The Cove

I was desperate to get to the sea these holidays. I'd been promising myself a few days falling asleep to the sound of the sea for the longest time. But our holidays got eaten with sickness and sadness and in the end the thought of all those hours in the car was too much for me.
We couldn't go to our coastal house, far far away on the other side of the Big Smoke... but we could steal an afternoon at one of my favourite 'close-up' beaches - the cove.
I fell in love with the cove the first time I saw it, and each time we go my love only increases. The hidden sweep of sand, the clear water, the in-rolling waves, the green surrounding. Magic, pure and simple.
My Beloved started back at university today - he has a psychiatry rotation and a paediatrics rotation and then exams worth so much I come out in conniptions just thinking about them. This is supposed to be the most intense semester of the whole course and I am already dreading what I have been told of his hours on his paediatrics rotation.
But... we had a perfect afternoon yesterday: a picnic on the shore, crab-searching, sand-playing... and on the way home we saw an echidna.

It felt like the most beautiful gift. 

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