Monday, July 22, 2013

The Best Toys (A Moment)

We grabbed the essentials - a golden ball, an all important teddy, the family hound, and headed out. While I ran the hound (okay, leisurely strolled after the first twenty paces) around the oval, the kids and my beloved played with the ball. And I got to thinking that (after the trampoline!) the three dollar plastic ball has seen the most use and the most fun of all the toys. Weird, huh.
Baby Cubby (clutched in Poppet's hand in one of the photos) has also recently come into near constant play. Baby Cubby is being constantly dressed, undressed, brought to me for milk, put to bed and brought everywhere. The cry of 'where's Baby-Cubby' is a constant and woe betide us all if we lose track of where he is.

A moment in time. Two favourite toys. And from nearly a year ago - the same golden ball.

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