Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekly Stills 27/52


1. My Poppet has been tenderly caring to her baby dolls. I love watching her tuck them in and sing them lullabies.
2. The first blossom of Spring. Sort of. I know it's still mid-winter, but the plants don't seem to know it, and I've been so excited to see the first blossom, the first violets, the first sprouts of the bulbs poking through. Just after I took the photo out on a walk I saw that my very own quince was in blossom. Next week!
3. Poppet lining up some of her teddies to look out the window. A second-hand type, Scottish photo. The little Scottish Teddy with the flag of St Andrew on it was sent over for my Sprocket's birth, and Poppet is wearing the jumper we got Sprocket in Elgin, Scotland. The book I'm working on is set in Scotland (and Ireland) so I'm calling it a lucky chance!
4. Wood for the fire. Love me a man with an axe and my Beloved has been busy most afternoons getting wood ready for the fire!
5. New curtains. One of my finds on a recent op-shop binge. I love the way the light catches in it.
6. Keeping warm and cosy. An old blanket and warm boots!

Joining with the lovely Em of The Beetleshack for some wintery weekly stills!


  1. Beautiful! Love the tedies on the window sill.

  2. what a luscious winter collection! SO very beautiful and warm

    xo em

    p.s thanks so much for joining in