Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Musical Interlude (Acquired taste I expect!)

I'm falling a wee tad behind in Camp Nano again: nothing irredeemable, but enough to make me think of stopping procrastinating. I have seventeen thousand words to write before next week. Bleah. It'll be done.
I've been writing piecemeal, jumping from scene to scene using the writing program scrivener, but I think I'll stop now and go back to a more linear style as I feel it's more momentum building.

Anyway, here are some of the songs I've been drawing inspiration from and which (may) play a role in Fosterling.

Niamh Parsons singing Fear a Bhata (the boatman). There are a million versions - I think I heard Capercaillie's first, but I'm partial to hers at the moment.

Silly Wizard and The Queen of Argyll, written by Andy M. Stewart and performed... awhile ago. I first heard it covered down at the Port Fairy Folk Festival at least a decade ago - you know, when I still camped. (I'm not sure if that was the year our tents flooded and I had to spend most of the last night in the car, along with my brother and three of his sodden mates... there are reasons I hate camping!) and I thought even back then the song had potential for story. Anyway, I'm fairly sure my central character, Jack/Lugh is going to sing this for his foster-mum just before he goes back to the Otherworld for good. Maybe at the Port Arlington Celtic Festival?
Still to be decided.

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