Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wintry Weekly Stills

1. An echidna beside the road. I tried to move it further from the road, as we also saw a flat echidna, but it burrowed itself in, and my attempts to transport it to safety were stressing it. I'm hoping it moved itself! Echidnas are my very favourite Australian animal and I was so excited we all saw it!
2. My Sprocket, running in the hills.
3. My Poppet, happy by sea.
4. Poppet & Sprocket running on the shore like swift footed birds.
5. Cold, sandy feet.
6. Cold, icy windscreen. It's been so cold here lately! This was the windscreen one morning recently. Oddly, the car refused to start!
7. I left the kitchen window open overnight and my lemon squeezer filled with rain!
8. My Poppet 'expecting'. Her baby was somewhat furry, and quite brown, but a very endearing baby bear!

Joining with the wonderful Em over at The Beetleshack for weekly stills.


  1. Those beach shots are just beautiful! Your kids look so snug & warm & having a wonderful time. Love the sandy feet. How great to see an echidna- I would have loved that.

  2. Gorgeous!!!! And that echidna, so so lovely - I adore echidna's : )

  3. Oh, I love beaches in winter. And echidnas!

  4. Gorgeous winter beach babes! Kellie xx