Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ten Things of Giggles and Incredible Sweetness

One. The smile on my Poppet's face when she wakes and stretches in the morning. As she opens her eyes and first looks for me she smiles as if the world is a joyous and delightful place.

Two. My Sprocket when he sees his daddy or I make something or do something he rates as good (Recently painting cupboards and fireplaces) "Wo-ow! Mummy did it!" "Wo-ow! Daddy did it!"

Three. The softness of my Poppet's curls tucked under my chin as she sleeps in the curve of my arms.

Four. My Poppet and Sprocket running around the trampoline together (their 'jumping castle') shrieking with glee as they flee from the mummy (or daddy) monster.

Five. My Poppet's 'shoe' song as she gathers up all the shoes she can find. Well, chant really, there's not much of a tune. 'Shoes, shoes, shoes, SHOES, shoes, shoes..."

Six. The fluting tone of my Sprockets voice as he thanks his daddy or I from saving him from being stuck up a tree or on a monkey bar or giving him something. "Thanks mummy," "Thanks daddy", "Thanks mummy and daddy!"

Seven. My little Queensland baby clinging to me on a 33 degree day in the sea. "Cold. Mama. Cold." My Sprocket (born in Victoria!) is meanwhile wallowing about like a little seal!

Eight. My Sprocket telling me off for telling the Poppet off for tipping all of her water (on purpose) out into the car. "Mama's naughty! Bubba's not naughty! Bubba is good."

Nine. My Sprocket telling me "I a little boy. I a good boy." (He has recently gone up to the 'big boy' room at childcare.)

Ten. At night my Sprocket lying in bed beside me with his arms around my neck. Whispering: 'I love you, mummy'.
(I suspect it was Shrek induced as he had recently seen Shrek and Princess Fiona declare their love... but... o my little boy!)