Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ten (more) Things of Giggles and Sweetness

One. My Poppet at the beach running up to every dog with squeals of excitement, stopping a few feet away and plonking her little backside down on the wet sand (presumably so they don't knock her over) and then wiggling her toes with happiness. 

Two. My Poppet telling our dog 'Issy, down! Issy, sit!' in exactly my dog-will-you-for-once-do-what-you're-told tone. 

Three. My Sprocket insisting on feeding me grapes - with his teeth. Note to self. Ensure Sprocket does not witness mummy and daddy kissing. I think he might have the wrong idea. 

Four. My Sprocket and Poppet dancing with their daddy to 'We will Rock You.' My Poppet doing her favourite dance step - the flap. She flaps her arms like a little fledgeling and giggles uproariously. 

Five. My Poppet's joy when we play her favourite song 'Somewhere over the Rainbow.'  

Six. My little ones insisting they want all their clothes off when they go on the trampoline and then running around like little savages - squealing and chasing each other. 

Seven. My Poppet telling me off for saying the little plastic figurine of Puss-and-Boots has boots on. 
'Shoes, mummy!Shoes!' Obviously it is Puss-in-Shoes

Eight. My Sprocket's amazing honesty. (This is sort of bitter sweet.) 'Why is Poppet crying Sprocket?' 
'I hit her on the head with the stick.' Honesty is good. We are working on the stick bit. 

Nine. My Sprocket and Poppet's newest game. They stand on our bed and Poppet gives Sprocket a tiny tap on his tummy - and Sprocket flops backwards like a tree being felled. They think it's hilarious.

Ten. My Sprocket telling Poppet that she can't have any of his chocolate treat because it is 'yucky medicine.' Hmmm. We might have gone wrong somewhere!  

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  1. Great that you are recording these now - I only remember vaguely all the sweet things you kids did