Sunday, February 5, 2012


Source: via Kirsty on Pinterest

Pinterest is my latest addiction.

But it's for my writing.


For those that don't know Pinterest is a way of putting digital images on a virtual mood board.

So rather than having a big corkboard hanging up above your desk and cutting out pictures from magazines, you find pictures that speak to you on the net and 'pin' them on your pinterest boards. Other people are doing the same and you can chose to re-pin their pins as well. You can follow people with similar tastes and see all their latest pins - and then re-pin them.

Sounds dull?

But o you should see some of the photos... they make my heart sing. And how lovely your boards end up looking! It makes me go all warm and toasty inside just thinking about them!

People chose the themes of their boards - common ones are dream home, wedding, dream garden, my style, but I find them great for my writing in that I can create a board for each of my stories and pin photos that depict the mood and scenes that are close to what 
I see in my head - and give me ideas for new ones.

I find this really helps me clarify the mood that I am aiming for. Seeing the images helps so much with my descriptions.

Crystalising, clarifying, making your heart just clench with awe (some of the iceberg photos and ones of the sea..) - and just plain giving a buzz...

Did I mention it's addictive?

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