Saturday, February 18, 2012

'Always Ourselves that We Find by The Sea'

Recently, we've made it a 'thing' to drive down to the sea every Saturday. It's a bit of a drive, but the kids are great in the car, and we all know that it's worth the time spent driving. 

It's the highlight of our week and everything always seems washed clean and new when we're playing in the surf or running along the sand. 

During those moments in the week when everything feels overwhelming, being able to count the hours until we're at the beach again makes it all sort of do-able.

Knowing that if things get too much we can get in the car and drive, and we'll be at the ocean makes things seem so much better. 

I love discovering this new coast, going down new tracks and discovering new inlets and bays and hidden treasures. 

And then there's the familiar - the scent of brine, the delicious blowsy smells of the australian coastal flowers, the changing light and horizon, the feel of the sand, the feel of the sea (surprisingly warm for this State!) 

So I'm linking with the wonderful Maxabella and Kidspot(a little late!) with a great big GRATEFUL to the regenerative wonders of nature, and most especially the beach and the sea. 


  1. Hello there, how lovely to see a bit of your seascape there. A trip t the sea is so refreshing, and you can have an iceblock with a salty tang - ideal. We've had good expeditions today and last Sunday... could be a disaster next week, but grateful for today!

  2. Lovely to be so close to the sea - here in Timor we're about half an hours drive- but there's crocodiles in the water, so it's not the same- I miss the Victorian beaches - know just what you mean about the refreshedness, and spirit-liftingness (but like the warmth of the water here.)

  3. What a wonderful family ritual, Kirsty. You're lucky the kids are good for the drive (although with a beach to get to, no wonder!) keep enjoying it. x