Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Sea

A beach trip today.
What is is about the sea that makes us feel more alive, alert, exultant?
As if our brain is being swept of debris and spring cleaned.
I have a theory that people are most themselves by and most especially in, the sea. More reflective of the deep inner-them.
Much of my writing has an oceanic focus and I write within the sight and sounds of the sea.
I wonder why? Is it some memory of the time when we were still sea slugs? Those millions of primal years?
Is it the consistency of blood and salt-water being similar?
Is there any credence in Elaine Morgan's aquatic ape theory (I suspect not as it hasn't really been heard of in a while and scientists tend to be thorough. Sigh.)
Today we frolicked in the shallows and then I swam underwater out beyond the breakers. A glorious high-sky blue day with sandcastles and ice-cream.
And to be held in water, to swim open eyed through that other, under-world.
Was a gift.

*Side note - my beloved hates the feel of sand. Odd. I love it. Even odder - he still loves the sea and swimming. The world is made of many such contradictions!

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