Monday, February 20, 2012

Goodnight, Sweet Dragon

A short time ago I tried to start another blog, just to cleave out some head space to think about my writing, rather than the kids. 
And then I slowly realised that trying to keep two blogs going means that I'm never going to get round to you know, actually writing
So I merged my writing-me space blog, Dragons of the Deep, into this one.  All the blogs from there are now here. But... sigh. Sniff. Get out the hanky. I miss having my space. 
So this blog will now be a lot more about writing, and, as in life, I'll try to work out the balance between my-time and kid time. 
(Move over kids, mummy needs some room!)
I suspect my idea of balance means that the house will turn into a tip, the garden a jungle and the beds mountains of laundry to sort. But that's okay. (Sort of!) I read a nice inspiring quote recently about a true artist having a messy house. I must be a very true artist. 
My first Dragons Blog was here. There aren't many others. 
Goodnight, sweet dragon. Your time will come. 

How do you cope with the your-time, kid-time balance? 
How do you keep your mind alive in nappy-land?

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