Friday, February 3, 2012

Smiling? Nah - Grinning from Ear to Ear

We all played hooky today.
Drove away this morning leaving the house looking like a herd of demented monkeys had attacked (I'm looking at you here Sprocket - although admittedly the rest of us might have played a small - okay largish - role.)
And we went to the beach. 
Such a glorious beach day. 
Clear high high blue skies that seem so typically, beautifully Australian, the short trek through the low growing coastal bushes, the long clean sweep of pale sand,  and then the sea...
We went a little bit further along the coast this time and ended up on a surf beach with small gentle waves just right for toddlers. 
My little Queensland poppet clung to me like a limpet in the water- not yet accustomed to cold southern waters - but my Melbourne born Sprocket revelled. (Odd as the Sprocket spent his first two years near warm Pacific Ocean while my Poppet has spent most of her life in Victoria, I'm saying it's an in-utero thing.) 
And it was good that we were both enraptured. So often I spend my days not having a clue what planet my Sprocket is coming from. His brain seems to work in incomprehensible, but highly destructive ways. 
In the ocean I know what brings that pure joy to his face. 
He learnt about waves and how to go over the just cresting waves and turn your back to the broken waves. He held to me as we jumped them together. 
We built sandcastles and did all the kids stuff. 
And at the end I got to run into the water just me, and dive under out beyond the breakers and swim open eyed through the underwater world of shifting green and fluid light.
Just for a few minutes. 
But it was like a gift of sapphires and emeralds - only far better and more beautiful. 
Smiling? - nah - I'm grinning from ear to ear. 

*Sidenote. But the house still looks like it was ravaged by crazed apes. Sigh. 

Linking up with the Lovely Maxabella to be grateful - for sea and for family and the memories when they come together!


  1. Those apes obviously dropped by my place aswell. I am praying for the cleaning fairies to come while I am sleeping :-)

  2. If they come your way can you send them down here!

  3. Hello lovely Kirsty!
    Just wanted to say thank you for dropping by to say hello on my blog today. It's a pleasure to meet you and a privilege to witness a slice of your delicious life here on your blog.
    What delightful memories of splashing in the oceans your little 'uns are going to have...
    Kat xx

    1. Thankyou so much for dropping by, Kat! So glad you enjoyed it... I do hope the little ones remember some of it!

  4. What a good idea!!!! I feel like I need to play hooky a bit more myself. I think a family and a beach is just the most amazing combination. We are never happier than when we are there. x