Monday, January 30, 2012

Frangipanis in the Rain

Yesterday was a bit of a bleah day. 
The holidays all finished. Caput. Gone. Vanished. No more. You get the drift. 
The temperature all muggy and hot. My brain all frizzled and the to-do list all undone. 
So I thought I'd write up a memory for you, my Sprocket and my Poppet. 
A moment in time when magic came close.
A time I hold in the palm of my hand on 'bleah' days. 

My bags are packed. 

I'm ready to go. I'm leaving the Solomon Islands. Leaving our lovely Green Dragon House at White River, with it's sea views and breezes. 

My volunteer stint is over and I'm returning to the every day in Australia. 

Your Daddy and Issy are staying for another few months. A few months might seem to have raced by when you get to the end of them but looking at them lined up in front of you they feel like forever. We are mournful. Clingy. 

We go for a last walk. Taking Issy on a piece of string, walking along the side of the road through all the lushness and the greenness. The houses that were all burnt out during the Tensions, the woven houses. The children waving. 

We walk along to a beach that skirts the road. We could have gone in swimming right from our Green Dragon house - but it was straight onto coral reef, and at low tide it was less than pleasant as you tended to get pounded getting in and out. 

This was a small beach looking onto the volcanic island of Savo, with many large dark pebbles. We waded into the water with our clothes on out of respect to all the eyes watching. My denim skirt and cotton top clung and still felt strange in the water, no matter how many times I'd swum in them.
The sky was darkly grey and the sea was that beautiful luminous green that comes with storm clouds. Rain started to fall as we swam. Great silver drops of it forming concentric circles on the surface of the ocean. 

I dove under the water and watched my bubbles rising silver through the green and when I surfaced I was surrounded by floating frangipanis. Lovely fragrant white frangipani in the intense green of the storm sea, the rain hazed horizon and the silver circlets of the raindrops. 
And it was magic. 

(*There might have been some kissing involved as well - but only behind waves - it was quite choppy) 

Our house at White River - seen from within the sea - hence the water blur. With leafhouse. One day we will have another leaf house! 

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