Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Girl Talk

I had a girl’s night in recently. Which is not that common in Toddler-World and truly appreciated.

The plan had just been for a Canadian friend and I to help move some furniture at my sister-in-laws after she had her carpets cleaned– but my beloved made the excellent suggestion that, as he would be back at the house on kid duty for the evening, my friend and I should bring a bottle of wine to celebrate the successful moving. When everything was back in place we drank that wine (my first South African) and started another bottle which became another bottle.

When we returned (by taxi) my beloved asked me what we’d talked about.

You know, on a girl’s night in.
So… I thought about it.
And we had talked about:

·      the differences between the Canadian and Australian government
·      whether there is any point to the royals or whether they are, indeed, merely random, somewhat inbred rich people
·      Canadian literature
·      is it really only Australians who can understand the true glory of tinned beetroot in hamburgers and salads
·      the 2006 riots in the Solomon Islands
·      the (very sad) libraries in the Solomon Islands
·      Pacific Island culture
·      family skeletons (and why so many firstborns in all our families were born suspiciously close to their parents weddings)
·      my nana-in-laws journey through Europe as a teenager during the second world war
·      the conditions in English Prisoner of War camps (my grandfather-in-law, a Latvian, fought on the German side of the war.  I keep having to remind my beloved when he talks of his grandfather’s daring escape from the POW camp that well, he was fighting on the side of the baddies. ) The conditions in some of the British Prisoner of War camps were supposed to be very bad in some places. This is a very different perspective for me and one I will read up on
·      where my Sister-in-law picked up all her amazing treasures (PNG, Solomon Islands, South America, junk shops, relatives…)
·      are turnips inedible or is it swedes that are inedible and turnips delicious – or vice versa
·      the tragic death of the food-on-the-table-when-you-come-in and dirty-clothes-left-on-the-floor-magically-appearing-washed-ironed-and-folded-in-the-closet fairies when we left home
·      the improvement in this generations men compared to three or four generations ago when it comes to involvement in childcare and household management

“You know, just girl stuff,” I told my beloved.


  1. Interesting conversation - just a comment on one of your many interesting threads- The Red Cross were allowed to visit all POW camps run by the British during WW2- unlike the situation in nearly all Nazi camps where Jewish and other prisoners were held.

  2. I had a great night in. Great conversation :-) Grandpop was in a Russian camp, and the conditions were poor. I thought it was a brittish camp, but mum said it was Russian. War is such a horrible thing. Let's hope the little ones never have to live through one.

  3. R is saying he is fairly sure it was English. Hmmm. I know the Russian camps were dreadful. Your Grandpop was lucky to get out. I remember reading about the German Soldier who helped the guy in The Pianist. He ended up in a Russian Prisoner of War camp and didn't make it out. (Alive)

  4. Sad. *sings* "war, oooo ahhh, what is it good for, absolutely nothin!" :-)