Sunday, January 1, 2012

Monkey See - Monkey Do New Years Resolutions

My beloved is in the park with the Sprocket. It is one of those (blessed) parks with a fence around it.
The Sprocket unlatches the gate and goes out.
He turns around to my beloved who is about to follow him.
"No, Daddy. Stay here." He gestures around. "Not safe. Dangerous." He smiles and waves. "Back in a sec."

I have taken something dear to the Sprocket away from him (a knife, a skewer, a battery - something very precious) He puts his hands on his hips. (More under his arms like a little chicken, but I get it is supposed to be his hips)
"Not happy, mummy! Naughty Mummy! Ghee is sad. Quiet Time, Mummy."

The Poppet is in an op-shop with me. She points desperately to a hat. When given it she smiles, puts it on. Walks around.
I put on sunscreen. The Poppet holds out her hand. I squeeze some onto her hand and she smiles and rubs it into her cheeks.
The Poppet picks up her bag, her hat, her sunglasses, her little phone. Prepared for the day, she turns and waves goodbye.

Our children copy us. What they see us do, they do. My Sprocket's tone when he says "No mummy, naughty!" makes me wince.  When my Poppet runs to me and puts her arms around my neck, her cheek to mine, I am happy.

This year my resolution is to be the person I want my children to be. Kind, affectionate, even tempered, considerate, compassionate, thoughtful, industrious, active.

Outside. Tree climbing, beach running, swimming, playing.

Playful. (Tidy would be good, but let's not set ourselves up for miracles!) 


  1. You already are! (maybe not the tree climber)

  2. what a gorgeous intention for the year ahead. i so need to be better at this!