Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Loving Her

I didn't always love her. 
In fact, to begin with I thought her too in-your-face, too tacky, too brassy. I thought she might have been good once. But that once was not now. 
She definitely suits some lights better than others. 
But then she grew on me. 
Over time. And many visits. She began to get to me. 
Her lovely views of the Glasshouse Mountains through Pumicestone Passage. 
Her safe swimming beaches for kids. Her laid back vibe. Her white sand beaches. Her little fibro shacks tucked in between monstrosities. Her brilliant beachside playgrounds.
And now I'm hooked. 
Bribie Island - it took me awhile, but now - I think I really love you.


  1. lovely sea, beach and kid pics

  2. I knew it. Bribie gets to you finally. But the block of land at banksia beach is mine. You can have the one down the road.