Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hervey Bay

Our friends,


and Ian

have recently moved to Hervey Bay.

I know.

I feel sorry for them too. The sea. The warm sea minutes away, the whales that come annually, the balmy temperatures. The tropical plants.
Yesterday we drove up to see them and I have to say that I approve. This is a very suitable area for beach holidays. We will most certainly be up next year when their new house is built. We checked out their block and it appears that sea views and breezes will be on their (and our) horizon.
And the light is fantastic for taking photos. It is possible I got a bit carried away. (Big thanks and brownie points to my beloved for being on kid-duty while I snapped)


  1. Tis a terrible place ;) I can't wait for you to share our house. I also look forward to visiting yours in the much nicer cool weather through the year.

    1. We are looking forward to your visit! We will try to put on some snow! (We are very close to the snowfields!)

  2. I so love Hervey Bay. The best is its so close to Frazer Island and the fishing!!!

  3. Um... pass on the fishing but it is beautiful! I think we saw Frazer island in the distance!