Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spicing It Up

So - have I found me a Sugar Daddy? From the look on my face I don't think so! However our trip up to the Ginger Factory at Buderim was great. 

The kids loved going on the little train 

although the Poppet wasn't so sure when the horn blew and the engine started! 

As we were going around the factory/gardens on the train we had many debates about which plant was actually the ginger - and decided upon this one... However I didn't think I could get the cutting back to Victoria... and they might not like our winters!

And there was a chocolate factory too....

Chocolate shoes anybody? 
I know. I want them too. The closest one - as you can see - is milk chocolate - the far one is white chocolate. Yummy in so many ways.

Sigh... we did not get any chocolate shoes, but the gingerbread men were lovely... as were the frozen bananas coated in chocolate which we will soooo try at home. (Probably sans chocolate!)
And best of all Aunty Bec came too.


  1. I was lots of fun. Thanks for inviting me :-)

    1. Thanks for coming! You have to come down to Victoria soon - Rosedale antiques and Yarra wineries are on the menu I think! (Not as kid friendly I admit...)

  2. Rest of yummy gingerbread house here in Melbourne

  3. Ooh yum - is it still okay? The Buderim gingerbread was good... but I think ours was superior. We understand about the importance of sugar more! We'll definitely be making another next year. Raining buckets here! xxx