Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yet another blog... on Procrastination...

How many blogs have been written on procrastination? A million? A hundred million?
It's what bloggers do when we're procrastinating about something else. It's short. It's quick. It's got that instant sense of gratification. Yay. Words on the computer. Published. Done.
And it lets us avoid what we really should be doing.
And the thing is, what I should be doing* I really, really enjoy. It's one of my very favouritest things in the whole world.
I should be either editing Dragons' Nests or plotting out Toad Lord. Both of which I can't wait to do. Both of which I have been looking forward to all morning. All week. When the kids are asleep I'll get into the story and.... has been a constant refrain.
And yet, now the kids are cherubically sleeping and I'm blogging on procrastination which, as I've pointed out, has been done before a few (million) times.
I love polishing up each sentence and tweaking all the paragraphs in Dragons' Nests to make them more immediate and sharper. I'm looking forward to making something amazing out of the Great Library and fleshing out Mazarine into the 3 dimensional creep she really is (rather than the 2 dimensional creep she is at present.)
And plotting out The Toad Lord - whoohoo! Exciting times. A whole new fresh and wonderful world to dance into. Yay!
But the sky is blue, the kids are both (both!) asleep, the dog lies curled beside me gently reeking... and I'm doing this instead.
Go figure.
And when I finish this I'll just quickly check emails, Facebook, Pinterest, wash the dog, put the laundry on, do the dishes... when what I really want to be doing is getting lost in story.
The human mind is truly incomprehensible.
Let me just go check that email I heard ping on the phone.
Soon, soon, I will be back in the story!

*I'm going to just sidestep the whole dishes, laundry, mopping here. That should clearly be done by someone else. Someone who knows how to do it properly. My vote is on Pixies. 

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  1. Wow, Kirsty, you sound exactly like me! My kids are on summer break right now and have gone to visit their grandparents a few days at a time, or with friends for overnights and I still feel like I've gotten so little accomplished. Ah well...