Sunday, July 15, 2012

Unleashing the Big Boy

Today I finally got to play with the Big Boy.
The one with all the juice and vroom.
It was So. Much. Fun.
Yep. You got it. My Beloved finally deemed me capable of wielding the chain saw.
Vrooom. And the branch was cut in two. Vroom, vrooom. And the next branch was cut into even pieces. Vrooom,  vrooom, vroom and all the branches were a neat little pile of firewood, except for the long walnut branch that we fondly imagine we'll get around to planking and making into some heirloom jewellery box or something.
When I started looking around wildly for something else to chop - that tree? this one? I realised I might have a problem.
But vrooom. vroom. It's like magic, one moment there's a big branch taking up the whole lawn and the next voila, there's a neat pile of fuel to be put aside for next years fires.
I have promised my Beloved I won't try to cut any of the ragged branches up the wattle tree while he's at the hospital. He has this odd idea that ladders, chainsaws and people as clutzy as me are a bad mix.
And I can see where he's coming from. But... with just a little bit of vrooming, a few seconds really, it could look so good... (With a vroom vroom here and a vroom voom there, here a vroom there a vroom, everywhere a vroom vroom...)