Monday, July 9, 2012

Dream Home

I dreamt of my dream home recently.
Or one of them. How can anyone decide which dream home is The One. The castle in Scotland, the villa in Italy, the chalet in the alps, the terrace in Melbourne? Decisions, decisions!
The dream home that is presently Numero Uno is the Queenslander-By-The-Sea.
My dream was incredibly clear. I was driving home and I pulled up at a front gate tucked into a thicket of hibiscus and bougainvillea and other lush greenery. Going inside the gate barefooted children (presumably mine, and there were three, I'm fairly sure...) were cavorting on bright green grass, all ringed with palms and the tall hedge of flowered tropical plants. My Beloved stood talking to some random by the front door. And the house itself? A brilliantly white weatherboard with a wrap around veranda, shutters, gables in the roof. I still get happy shivers just thinking about it.
Now, I would try to put it out of my mind completely, because as I said, there are many dream homes (thus the ever-growing Pinterest board) but I've had dreams come true before, so I can't help wondering.  
I dreamt once that I would work in the National Library in the Solomon Islands. My dream included me packing for it, and then being by the sea and lots of SI kids playing on lianas along the shore and jumping into the water. I woke up petrified, being very over the South Pacific, having only recently returned from an 18 month stint. Less than two years later, I was working in the National Library in the Solomon Islands. And as that was when I met My Beloved, which in turn led to my kids, I can't help but think it was meant.
So... I don't quite see how my dream home can eventuate in the near future... but I'm keeping an open mind. Stranger things have happened.

How about you, do you have a dream home?
Or a dream that came true?

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