Monday, July 16, 2012

Yay, for the Great Hunter-Gatherer!

On Sunday, we went to the rubbish dump.
It was cathartic. We took two car loads crammed full of junk and off-loaded them. We returned with a tea-strainer I brought at the dump shop.* It is a superior tea strainer, slightly kitsch but very strong.
On Monday, I gathered together six bags of random junk and off-loaded them to the charity-shop bins.
It was cathartic.
But then I went into the charity shops.
This was not so cathartic.
And I bought three bags full of stuff. It seems my inner-pack rat just can't be killed.
It was all completely gorgeous, necessary stuff. The little dolls-house people, the hand-knitted kiddy jumpers, the work dress, the ultra lovely swanky-dinner-in-Mooloolaba-in-the-summer-dress*, the pink chiffon number for the Poppet, the zillion pairs of trousers for the Sprocket.#
But it was three bags full, which is not ideal when we're trying to de-clutter.
However, I've decided to celebrate rather than bemoan. Yep, we're (slowly) getting there with the de-cluttering, but my inner hunter-gatherer has to be let out of the cave to party every so often.
Work starts back again next week, thus decimating my sans kid time.  As shopping with two toddlers is somewhat less fun than having a tooth extracted I don't intend to do it in the forseeable future, at least not in places that sell plastic gizmos that kids lives will be blighted without. (Thank-you online supermarkets & farmers markets!)
So yay for the great inner- hunter-gatherer, I hunted, I gathered. Now, get back into your cave, inner-hunter-gatherer, and you can come out again in November!

* Our rubbish dump has a shop now! Yay. My beloved eyed off the fleet of Tonker trucks and I'm pondering the exceptionally funky aqua '70s sewing machine and wondering if it works. And I so should have got that little wooden table. We might be going back again very soon. But not until we have another car load of stuff to get rid off. I better get moving on that.

*This was a true bargain - it still had the price tag on it. Is it very declasse to say how much it was supposed to cost? Please don't read on if you think it is. Anyway, the tag was for $269 and they sold it for $15. Winner.

#Toilet-training. Sigh. 

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