Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Very First Hair Cut

Poppet had her very first haircut yesterday
Her big brother had about six haircuts (including the tragic at-home-job) by the same age, but she's been a bit slow off the mark. She's visited our local barber's a lot with the Sprocket, so she knew the drill and looked forward to it, which made it all a lot easier.
Our barber is brilliant for kids. She has a little red car for them to sit in, pictures, board books and bribes treats. My Sprocket always sits perfectly still while his hair is being cut  (waiting for his turn is another matter) and Poppet followed suit. She knew this was serious business.
The barber distracted Sprocket with sweeping the floor (would that he did the same at home!) and all up, I had little to concentrate on except taking photos and not getting weepy at my leetle baby girl growing up. We left with a small envelope of curls. Sigh.
They grow so fast. Sniffle.

                                                   Sprocket Sweeping

                                                 Very serious, important business

                                                Isn't the set up brilliant!

                                             New hair! (But early morning with bed-head!) 

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