Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Emperor's Got no Clothes on...

 I finally nagged and bullied and emotionally blackmailed my Beloved into reading my manuscript last night.* So he woke in the small hours of the morning and read it through.
As always, his comments (grunts) were blunt but illuminating.
All those bits I knew I hadn't got around to writing, but the story really needs? Yep. He picked them all up. I was hoping I'd be the only one to notice there were gaping, massive holes I haven't filled in yet. Blast.
So. Now to do the chapter with the Baddie doing her big baddie spiel to add to the stakes. To add an epilogue to round it off. To make the Great Library more of an integral plot piece and less of a ooo-I-want-to write-about-the Great-Library. To flesh out the very-rushed-end, and to make the relationship with the sidekick/love-interest less of a plonked in the wrong spot and more charged and embedded. While I'm at it I'll put the dragon-in-the-basement in properly.
So even though I feel all naked and found out  (I'd really hoped that those bits didn't show, even though I knew they were there) it is exciting to be making to story so much richer, denser and fantastical.

*He claims he volunteered, but let me say that before we went out he was begging to read my stuff, in fact one of his friends pleaded with me to put him out of his misery and either go out with him or give him the cold shoulder, as all he was doing was reading my stuff and moping, and he was worried for his sanity. There was none of this not having time for weeks and weeks. Medical degree schmedical degree. Huh.


  1. I read it on the plane and love love loved it! I definitely have some comments to make, and a few random other edits too. As soon as I get a free moment to type you a proper email, I will! I will say that the most glaring thing that caught my attention caused me to say "when/where did they get a DRAGON???" LOL. :-)

  2. So glad you liked it! Yay! Much thanks for the edits. I'm working on the dragon at the moment - or will be as soon as the kids fall asleep! It is a rather glaring omission!