Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Coffee, I love you.
Let me count the ways I dote upon you, my caffeine-carrying-friend.
I love the way you start the day.
I love your dark beauty.
I love the rich aromas of your beans. I love the way your arabica beans feel as they jostle in my hand. I accept no substitution.
I love the heated curve of the cup-nestled-you in my hand.
I love the scent of your steam, fragrantly rising in life-giving whisps.
I love your heady jolt.
I love the way you break the day up.
I love the comfort in the routine of your making.
I love your buzz.
I love the fascination of your eventful past.
Coffee, I love you.

‘Father! Don’t be so unkind! If I can't drink my cup of coffee three times a day I’ll become a straggly goat, to my great dismay. O how sweet the coffee’s taste is, sweeter than a thousand kisses, smoother far than Muscat wine. Coffee, coffee give me mine, and if someone wants to  treat me, let them offer me a coffee.'
 Coffee Cantata, Johahn Sebastian Bach, 1732

Hot as hell,
Black as the devil,
Pure as an angel
And sweet as love –
That’s how coffee must be. 
Charles Duke of Talleyrand
French politician 1754-1838

He was my cream, and I was his coffee, and when you poured us together, it was something.
Josephine Baker, US Singer and Civil Activist 1906-1975

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  1. Here in timor the coffee is in flower with lovely fragrant white flowers. Some trees also have coffee berries. The coffees trees are beautiful and I'll send a photo