Friday, July 13, 2012

Spring has Sprung (a little early)

Despite it being still midwinter here, our garden is having sweet thoughts of spring.

I'm loving this little preview of all the delights to come.


  1. the camellias are amazing. Here in Timor there are red, white (sweet- smelling coffee flowers) and yellow flowers out but no pink ones

    1. We have red and white ones (and even my straggly little tea one) sitting around all unflowering, but only the pink camellias are out. I hadn't thought of East Timor having Camellias. Is that up in Same?

  2. Beautiful photos, Kirsty! Winter here is so gray and lifeless. Of course it's summer now and 90 degrees...

  3. We're lucky it's very mild here. Ah Summer! I had to convert fahrenheit to celsius but 90 is very pleasant as long as you don't have to do a lot!