Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekly Stills

1. I'm loving the pears at this time of year. I go to the local fruit shop and they all look so beautiful I can't decide so I take one or two of each type. Is it wrong to be besotted with pears? The shape? The colours, the juiciness, the taste...
2. Friends came down to visit from Queensland so we took them to the snow up on the top of Mt Baw Baw. It has been so long since I saw snow fall. None of us were precisely dressed appropriately - we got to the top and I realised we were all wearing docs. Our toes were cold. There will be a snow post coming up. With many, many photos.... I can't resist.
3. A mushroom we found on a walk. Lots of conversations with the kids about never ever eating mushrooms unless you buy them from a shop. Even amazing red fairy mushrooms...
4. The wonders of baking. Brownies and pears. Perfection.
5. A rose at the Morwell Centenary Rose Gardens. Ah roses.
6. My Sprocket in the long grass.
7. My Poppet in the rose gardens. (Not with a rose.)
8. The kids and my to-be-returned-pile. My beloved's equally high pile is on the far side of the room. We love our library! Do you have a library pile?
9. Uggs are essential in this cold! Poppet slipped off hers at the art gallery cafe. (Um. Yes. She was wearing Uggs in the art gallery. But they're so warm!)

I missed weekly stills last week, so there are some catch-ups. Joining with the  wonderful Em over at The Beetleshack for moments in the week.

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