Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sunday Stills: Winter!

1. My Poppet, early morning colour blur. I always feel out of focus in the morning!
2. My Sprocket, still sleepy, getting dressed in front of the heater.
3. The first jonquil on the first day at winter. At my parents house.
4. My Poppet with some mandarin at her Nana and Grandpa's.
5. Raindrops.
6. Running along the path, chased by Giant Ants on the Lyrebird Walk near Mirboo North.
7. A lovely fern.
8. The miniature world.
9. Muddy puddles. Just before the wellies came off to feel the mud!

Winter has well and truly arrived. Although the autumn leaves still delight me, they are rapidly going. The nearby hills hold snow, early morning mists surround us and the mornings are indeed chilly. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a wuss (my Papa assures me it is!) but I am getting hours of valuable writing time at night when I can't sleep because I need the toilet... but I don't want to brave the freezing floor and cold air! We went on a lovely walk yesterday, all rich moist air, stillness, birdsong, moss and fern. I'll indulge myself with more photos tomorrow!

Joining with the wonderful Em over at The Beetleshack for Weekly Stills


  1. Such lovely images & stunning children! Of course the wellies came off, I'd want to feel that squishy mud between my toes too ;) Have a lovely week x

  2. these are gorgeous... the frosty, lush green and chill really comes through! so nice to see a little family stroll!

  3. You have captured the season. Lovely photos, all of them!

  4. Lovely photos of a lovely week.


  5. You can sense the mischief in that last shot!!
    Lovely winter images