Saturday, June 22, 2013

24/52 & 25/52




1. My Poppet keeping an eye on Peppa Pig, eating a lovely juicy pear in front of the fire. Now it's so cold we've been loving nightly fires. (And have taken to wandering the garden with an axe going... hmmm. Is that tree looking a bit dead? I feel very guilty as one of my favourite books this year has been about tree women... but it's cold!) Also note the fire screen... since moving here we've brought one from Bunnings... and the Sprocket shredded it in an afternoon. My mum got us another from Bunnings... and the Sprocket shredded it in an afternoon. Fail. I like the old stuff better than the new. My mum got this one from ebay, old and sturdy and so far still alive.

2. My Sprocket watching the ipad in front of the fire. Any day now we'll have another tv detox. Any day now. But not till after the kindy holidays...


1.  My Poppet found herself a leafy, grassy nest.

2. My Sprocket looking so grown up and serious. There have been a few deaths (none in our immediate family) around us, and my Sprocket has been worried about death and heaven all week. Hard concepts for all of us, and we've been giving him lots of cuddles and trying to reassure him.

My laptop is on her last legs (I sat on her... and that was after half her keys went 'misssing') and her memory is full, so uploading photos is a multi-computer and painful process. Last week... I just didn't get round to it. So here's the backlog!

Joining with the wonderful Jodi over at Che and Fidel for a portrait of my kids once a week. Even if some are a little delayed!

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  1. It's so hard when they start concerning themselves with death, isn't it. You just hope that they can stay innocent for a long time. Kellie xx