Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekly Stills (With a Scottish Flavour!)

1. Last week I received a gorgeous parcel in the mail - a package of pressies from Scotland from Seana over at Seana Smith. She wrote in her lovely letter that it was my mention of Iona as one of my favourite places in Scotland that was the clincher for me receiving her giveaway... which seemed auspicious. One of the many wonderful friends I met on Iona during three fantastic months volunteering with the Iona Community got married on the weekend...
2. To further the Scottish theme, my folks and I went to the Port Arlington Celtic Festival down on the Bellarine Peninsula on Saturday. My Beloved had to stay home and write essays. But my Dad (the only one of us actually born and bred in Scotland!) came for the first time in 10 years... The sailing ship is the Enterprize - and some of the bands played on it.
3. My Sprocket, listening to the bagpipes.
4. My Poppet and my Dad, listening to the pipers. I think the look on Poppet's face is 'You do know, Grandpa, these people are VERY loud!
5. My Sprocket was climbing the living room curtains last week (again...) and they fell down. He's been hobbling a bit since then. We spent a lot of time on the beach so he didn't have to walk too much. It wasn't exactly a hardship...
6. Poppet with sea-treasure.
7. Sandy feet.
8. My Sprocket eating his oatcakes. You can't go past oatcakes! Family history tells one
of my great grandfathers used to take a sack of oats and some eggs and walk from Aberdeenshire to Edinburgh for each university term - and that was all he lived on for the term. I wouldn't go that far... but I do like my oats!
9. And my Sprocket with his square Scottish sausage. My Dad got the Blood Pudding from The Frying Scotsman stall. I got the Danish Hot Chocolate. (I assume the Danish Hot Chocolate was from the Viking connection? It was delicious, whatever, and there was no sign of pillaging.)
10. My Poppet on the slide. The playground was beautifully situated at the heart of the festival!
11. The beautiful view across the bay just before we came home.

Joining with Em over at The Beetleshack for weekly stills. 


  1. Gorgeous little moments! Especially those sandy little feet.
    Sophie x

  2. oh i love the bagpipes! such a wonderful sound! We took our kids to a celtic festival earlier this year and they loved it! happy days x