Saturday, June 29, 2013


1. My Sprocket, so happy at the beach. Pretending to be a bird as he runs down the sand at Inverloch. My wonderful sister-in-law visited us from  Queensland and we had a lovely (chilly) day by the sea.
2. My Poppet. She was the sickest she's ever been this week. Her nasty cough suddenly changed into something truly hideous resulting in a rushed visit to the doctors. When the doctor mentioned 'pneumonia-like' and 'take her straight to the hospital if she gets worse over night' panic set in. After a sleepless week as all her coughing woke her up, she's finally on the mend. Thank you antibiotics!

Joining with the lovely Jodi over at Che and Fidel for a portrait of the kids once a week for 2013. It's very strange to think we're halfway through the year, although the cold is telling me we're not long past the winter solstice!


  1. Beautiful photos

  2. wow 'pneumonia-like' sounds awful... but good news in the end. your kids are very cute!