Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yay, me!

As of right this minute, 3.40pm, 30th April 2013, I’ve completed Camp NaNoWriMo. For the uninitiated that means that in the last 30 days I’ve finished 50,000 words of my novel, Overly Caffeinated Werewolves (Are not Pretty), and I'll get all sorts of cute goodies like computer badges and half-price writing programs.
 Yay me! Happy Dance! I'm a winner - it says so on my stats page and I didn't even need to run anywhere or muck around with a ball!It’s a wonderful feeling. A nice solid, bulk of work, sitting there emanating good vibes at me from the heart of my computer. There's still another 25-35,000 words to go, but the main structures there, and its been so much fun to write and I can't wait to juggle it around a bit and see what happens.
So, yes, my manuscripts a mess. Things are all higgledy-piggledy and towards the end there I was just writing scenes with neither placement not correct punctuation. 
Stuff happened I did not plan and that still vaguely perplexes me. Did I know the Sun goddess and her fiery chariot were going to play such a strong role, or that Mia would go hang out with the Greek style, but double-breasted, Amazons in Amazonia, where the Sun and the Moon have a massive break-up fight in the middle of the river?
I didn’t have a clue. But she did. And they did. And I think it will work.
Nor did I know Mia's detectiving would lead her to the land of the Were-Cats and the sad tale of the were-wolf and the were-cat who fell in love and had kittubs, who become the Lands first police force….
Okay, I admit, when you don’t have the time to think things through plots get messy… but I’m sure given a few strong blows and some nails I can hang it all together!
But the words are there. I’m confident that with a bit of play I can make something fun and strong and full of fizz from them.
And now, now I can finally edit! Those pages that weren’t quite right so I rewrote them? Those extra adjectives that so aren’t my protagonists style. Vamos! They go.
I just have to wait until I’ve uploaded the words and it’s all been verified and I  can hack into the manuscript with an ax and remove all the dead wood and really see it’s beautiful  trunk and branches.  (Have I played with that metaphor enough? – the trees out the window before me are stunning falls of sun-caught gold, so I’m very ‘treed’ up.)
Presently, thanks to too many 4am writing starts, I am a tad sleep deprived, and possibly a little too caffeinated. When you have to stop and think before you can work out how many coffees you've drunk, the suggestion is there's been a few too many. 
But... oo. Happy shivers. Hello, my little manuscript, I'm very pleased to meet you!


  1. Congratulation this is so very amazing. What an achievement. xxx

  2. WOOHOO!!! That's awesome.

    Also: were-cats?????? I love it.

    I'm so excited to see how this story develops! Congratulations on writing a novel in a month-that's amazing!

  3. Well done you, that's a LOT of words, and the hardest bit is getting the words down on paper. I bet you do have to do lots of early starts as your children are still so wee. I just read a crime story and thought - oh, I'd love to try to write something like that. Have never written fiction and just the thoght is super scary. Can't imagine I could do that and anything else... but it is a wee notion.

    Happy resting for a wee bit and then editing... and herbal tea drinking!