Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Flued and Freaked

So this is just a moan. Really.
On the plus side, the weather continues to be perfect. My rhapsodies over the wonders of Autumn continue. Camp Nano continues well. At 38,000 words I only need 12,000 more in the next um... 5 days to make my  50,000 in a month. An open fire and marshmallows are again on the agenda for tonight.
The moan?
I've got some hateful bug I'm going to call the flu, but it's probably side effects from my flu jab on Tuesday. Whatever it is, I'm feeling very sorry for myself.
And tomorrow is the day my Sprocket (all going well) goes to his daddy's hospital to get his grommets put in. I'm so excited about my little boy finally (hopefully) being able to hear properly, and put an end to conversations like this:
"Sweetheart, please get down from the window."
Sprocket stands on the back of the couch to swing on the curtain rod.
"Please get down from the window, now!"
Sprocket doesn't answer. Starts swinging.
"Sprocket-First Middle Name-Second Middle Name- Surname, if you do not get down right now you are getting quiet time from here till Sunday!"
Sprocket monkeys along the curtain rod, narrowly avoiding breaking yet another window.
"That's it! Down! OUT. Into the garden." Manually remove from window and vamoose into back garden.
X 100 every single day.
I keep reminding myself that he really can't hear. That the only bit he gets is the bit where I pick him up and take him outside and talk loudly into his ear. And I try to remember to always come close and talk right in his ear the first time. But... a soft-voiced mama and a deaf, adventurous, little boy is a really, really bad combination. To think that might change tomorrow is... amazingly wonderful.
Of course, right now I'm in conniptions about my baby having his first general anaesthetic. I mentioned this to my beloved,  the third year med-student, who said "I know, I'm petrified."
I am not reassured.
Is it wrong I plan to bring my computer to the hospital to write while my little one is under the anaesthetic?  It probably is, so pretend I didn't say that. Of course, I'll be pacing and biting my nails instead.

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