Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weekly Stills

1. Blossoms in evening light
2. My Sprocket. I think I can see him as a teenager in this photo. He's growing so quickly.
3. My Sprocket and my Poppet. What, my children play with sticks? Yep. The best toys. Well, until somebody loses an eye... But for now? En guarde!
4. Woah! Poppet, being walked by our dog Issy. Poppet doesn't get to walk Issy often as Issy, a street dog I found being drowned on the Island of Isabel in the Solomon Islands and presented to my Beloved as a just-started-going-out-present, is not entirely reliable around other dogs. I blame it on the quarantine when she was very young. Luckily this park was fully fenced and no one else was there.
5. A feather in the light.
6 & 7. So I mentioned that I'm rapturously in love with Autumn? The affair continues. I adore the autumn colours. I always feel slightly adulterous to admit my love of the imported European trees... but just look at the colours!
 8. An (out of focus) riot of daisies.
9. My Sprocket, just out of surgery for his grommets, and waiting in observation until we were allowed to leave. He was not a fan of the cannula that had to stay in till we left.. They gave us his gas mask to take home as a toy for his teddies. It'll get a lot of use!
10. My lovely cherry tomatoes. I seem to eat some every time I'm in the garden.

Joining with the wonderful Em at The Beetleshack. I'm so excited about her baby coming soon. (I'm not clucky, I'm not clucky, I'm not clucky. Oooo. Baby...Little baby.)


  1. Autumn is my favourite too! As much as I love natives they just don't have that autumn magic.

  2. ooo little boy cluck cluck cluck, can't even pretend not to be clucky! (you did a bad job cluck cluck lol) love the riot of daisies and the little hand coming in xxxx

  3. So pretty, those autumn colours are really lovely. Hope the recuperation goes well and that your wee lad is back out sword fighting with sticks very fast.